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We believe it is spiritually and ethically unacceptable that millions of people in our world don’t have sufficient nutrition, clean water, housing, basic health or education. This reality can and must be changed.

Tevel is an Israeli NGO that aims to create Israeli and Jewish leadership passionately engaged in Tikkun Olam—fixing the world—locally and globally. Hailing from Israel and Jewish communities worldwide, our volunteers work with impoverished communities in Nepal, Haiti and Burundi, to enhance and advance the livelihood, capacity, and wellbeing of their members.

Our unique community development model, led by a highly professional local staff, ensures sustainability and long lasting impact. Our non-denominational service learning programs ground our work in the Jewish tradition, providing our volunteers with context and moral stamina.

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Creating Israeli and Jewish leadership

passionately involved in “Tikkun Olam”

locally and globally

A new way of interacting with the developing world

Poverty is complex, and there are no “quick fixes”. We use an integrated model of community development that focuses on the below fields to make a real impact on the ground.







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We believe that It is the Jewish people’s right and duty to participate in creating a new vision for rebuilding the world, by means of thought, words, and action

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