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Dreaming of a career in International Development? Striving to make a real impact on the world? 

Tevels’ project in Mazabuka, Zambia in southern province is a community development project that focuses on small hold farmers, among them women and youth and is looking to introduce to the community new technologies and innovative solutions that match the local challenges and assets to provide the community with better, more sustainable options for their livelihood and income.

Mazabuka district, located around 200km south from Lusaka, suffers from severe water scarcity with very little rainfall in recent years. This results in damaged crops which effect the communities’ livelihood, nutrition and income. With lack of other opportunities many remain with no option to provide for their families and migrate or have to pull their children from school. With limited water, all aspects of life are affected. Health and nutrition are at stake, access to education becomes more chakkenging, forced migration, and many young women and men are pushed into poverty.

The Program

Tevel believes that through simple, locally sourced solutions in combination with Israeli innovation in agriculture and value chain, this can change. Our project focuses on water solutions that answer the needs of the community and  individual farmers. These processes also tackle social issues rural communities in Zambia are facing. Working through Community structures such as women association and youth clubs, we aim to reach as many community members and work with them collectively in a joint effort to transform the community hand in hand, socially and economically

Over the course of two months, participants will immerse themselves in rural communities in Zambia, supporting life changing work with groups and individuals.

Each participant will be assigned to specific projects, based on interests and aptitude, pertaining to fields of economic development, leadership, Gender equality and WASH. The program will be professionally facilitated by Tevel’s international and local staff, and enriched by a curriculum focused on social and economic issues on a global scale, in a local context. At the same time the program will engage participants with cultural exchange, delving into Jewish learning while exploring Zambian culture (and of course, taking time to enjoy Zambia’s spectacular outdoors and wildlife).

The Tevel Internship is open to:

  • Young, Jewish professionals with hands-on experience and relevant academic background in fields related to international development such as agriculture, work with youth and young leadership, women’s empowerment and gender, social studies, governance and policy, health and anthropology.
  • Outstanding young leaders with limited or no academic experience but strong leadership potential and passion for social change.

The Tevel Internship is made possible through the generous support of the Schusterman Foundation-Israel.

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Tevel Fellows are young professionals with a degree or significant professional experience in one of the following fields:

  • Agriculture: Sustainable agriculture, agronomy and plant science, animal husbandry or veterinary medicine, innovative technology in agriculture.
  • Health: Nursing, public health, paramedical professions, and physicians.
  • Entrepreneurship: Establishing small social businesses, developing business plans, developing income generating projects for impoverished communities, access to market, IT infrastructure and computer education.
  • Community: Social work, group facilitation, drama, youth leadership and informal education.
  • Governance and policy:Human rights, local governance, local and community organizations, public policy.

Don’t have experience in these fields? The Tevel Internship is also open to young leaders with passion and commitment to social change. No academic or professional experience necessary! 

Are you the right person for the internship? 

Applications will reopen in March of 2019.

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Registration and costs

TEVEL CONNECT program is a significantly subsidized program. The full cost to cover each volunteer participation in the program is 2000$, as we include your ground costs including accommodation, food and travel in country. Your professional training such as the program facilitator, our professional field staff and the variety of guest lecturers and training you receive throughout the program. It is a priority for us in Tevel to keep costs to the minimum in order to allow everyone to participate in the program. for that we are fortunate enough to have donors who believe in Tevels’ mission and in your role as volunteers. Our donors are able cover the majority of your cost, allowing us to keep your payment to the minimum.

The payment for TEVEL CONNECT program is 850$, to secure your place in the program we ask for a registration fee of 150$.

Volunteers are responsible for their own flights, insurance and visa costs.

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conditions and accommodation

Living conditions -Zambia

In the city: Lusaka and Livingstone


During the orientation and in seminars volunteers stay in a private house in Lusaka, the house is located next to the city centre and is equipped with all the necessary facilities such us electricity, running water and wifi. Rooms are shared with 3-4 volunteers together in each room and a local cook assist in cooking both lunch and dinners.

The house provides an easy settling into the country and is a place where our volunteers can focus on learning and preparing for their time in the village.


The end seminar usually occurs in Livingstone, around 7 hours drive from Lusaka and the home of the famous Victoria falls. During that time volunteers will stay in a local guest house and will share rooms together, 3-4 volunteers in each room. The guesthouse provides all necessary facilities such as electricity and running water, although wi-fi can come and go. For those who are interested after the end of the program, many of the guesthouses also offer tourist attractions that can easily be arranged.

In the village

Living conditions in the village are very different from the comfortable life in the city. Tevel as an organization believes that in order to be integrated into the community work and to understand both the hardships as well as the opportunities village life encompasses, we must immerse ourselves in the same living conditions as the communities we work with.

The houses in the village are cemented but basic, with limited access to electricity, outside toiles (squat toilets) and outside shower. Water must be fetched from a nearby well (up 10 15 min walk). Water in the village are scarce so showers are limited to only once every few days.

Every 3-4 volunteers share a room together and privacy can be of a challenge both in the house as well as outside as we are surrounded by community members who are very interested to get to know their new neighbours.

As a village setting in Zambia is very dispersed volunteering requires also a lot of walking- up to 2.5 hours per direction, and though the area is flat, temperatures can go up to 35c mid-day during the hot season, so precautions are required. Volunteers are equipped with LifeStraws to ensure they always have access to clean water to drink, and bicycles are provided to shorten walking distances.

The volunteer house in the village is located along the road and next to the village health clinic.



Volunteers are placed in Lusaka with frequent travels to Tevels’ work area Mazabuka (2.5 hours drive).



TEVEL.CONNECT- 2 month in ZAMBIA – Feb 1st- Apr 1st 2020

TEVEL.CONNECT- 2 month in ZAMBIA –  Apr 23ed – June 23ed 2020

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